Meet the Team



The Team

The team members of 7M Contest Group

Colin G3VCQ

Team Leader

This is Colin CT7ACG/G3VCQ from Sheffield. Colin is the Team leader and general organiser. Previous Contest operations MM3M and CR5CW. Colin is an RSGB and CDXC member, OMISS member 9786. Fists member 14065.


Charlie GI4FUE

IT Guru

This is Charlie GI4FUE.  Charlie is a CW and SSB op. Responsible for setting up the IT infrastructure, the group website and keeping MI5JYK in line. W‚Äče will of course give him a hand! Charlie is a CDXC member.

Charlie will be assisting with setup and strip down also.


Peter MI5JYK

Educated Grunt

MI5JYK. Peter from Northern Ireland. Peter is a good friend of Charlie and recently took 1st place on a QRP contest. Peter will be assisting with antenna’s along with Dave, G3UNA as they both have innovative antenna solutions which we hope will outperform anything we have tried previously!  No pressure then guys! Just need to keep him away from distressed damsels.

David G3UNA

Antenna Guru

David, G3UNA previously with the group on Culatra. David will be responsible for the antenna farm and has designed an “ether busting” system for the contest. he will be ably assisted by Rob and Peter. David will also be in Charge of Station 2, mainly to be operated on CW.



Technical Consultant

Rob is the Inspector gadget of the team. Well known for his love of cable ties and tools, Rob will be making sure that things that are put up don’t fall down. Rob operates exclusively SSB , normally from his very well equipped mobile station.


Bill G4ZVB / G4N

Author and PR

Bill is a keen contester with a number of single band, low power firsts in international contests, favourite modes being CW and RTTY. First interested in electronics and radio whilst a schoolboy he followed a career in telecommunications before getting his G4ZVB licence in 1985 followed by the special contest call G4N in 2020. He operated HS0AIT in the SEANET contest in 1989. A homebrew fan, virtually all station equipment has been bought faulty and repaired, including linear, PC and even the ATU. Naturally, the 80m doublet (for all bands up to 6m) is home made, ladder line and all! Though now retired, Bill is still an author and motorsports commentator.

Bill G4ZVB_G4N.jpg

David M0YDB

Contest Enthusiast

David passed the RAE when he left school at 17 (many years ago) but lost a little interest in radio for 20 years before finally getting his licence. His interests are HF-DX and Contesting in various HF and VHF events plus he also enjoys data modes here and there and is currently re-learning Morse.

Like some of the team, David is a member of the Sheffield and District Wireless Society (SDWS).


Sharon M3VCQ


Sharon is the Team Leader’s boss – XYL of Colin. She “facilitates” to make things happen for the group.

Sharon also ensures that the team are kept well fed and refreshed!